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About Bhutan

About Bhutan

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Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan landlocked country. It is mapped to the north of South Asia. It is situated on the eastern Himalayan mountain area. The area of the nation is 38,394 square kms. The size is comparable to that of Switzerland. The population of the country is roughly Seven hundred thousand. Spiritually and culturally, the small Buddhist Himalayan nation offers extensively rich insights. The country remained isolated until recent times. It was only in 1974 that the first group of tourists from America visited the remote Bhutan. The isolation enabled the country to maintain unique cultural features. The architectures such as fortresses and monasteries sustained throughout the entire land are evidenced extension of the country’s deep Buddhist beliefs and practices. The vigorous and colorful festivals, arts, crafts, paintings, symbols and unique national dress, to name a few, are some other astounding features of the indigenous Bhutanese culture. The Buddhist heritage and the cultural practices are magnificently woven throughout the tapestry of the people’s lives. In fact, the safeguard against the nation’s distinctive culture is echoed in its constitution, a feature exclusive to the Bhutanese constitution.

Another remarkable feature of this tiny nation is its fiercely guarded environment. The country hosts extremely rich and varied natural heritages. Bhutan has pledged to strictly conserve, protect and sustain its environment. The seriousness of the pledge is voiced in the country’s constitution. It’s a constitutional explicit requirement to maintain minimum sixty percent forest coverage for all times. This is another distinguishing feature exclusive to the Bhutanese constitution. With roughly seventy percent of the land covered with the forest today, it is one of the highest in the region. The commitment to protecting the environment has given the country a pristine landscape, breath taking sceneries, crystal clear streams, fresh air, stunning deep valleys, reserved parks and phenomenal variety of animals, birds and plants. It also offers excellent adventure trekking.

The economy of the country is largely based on agriculture. Approximately, 80 percent of the country is involved in agriculture. The general literacy rate is 63%. Health and education are provided free to the people. In 2008, the country successfully transitioned into a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy after the voluntary surrender of the power by the Fourth King of Bhutan. Other modern features such as internet, television, cell phones and ATMs are also recent introductions in Bhutan.

Bhutan is an extraordinary land that has seamlessly blended modernity into its deeply rooted traditional society without compromising the nation’s unique socioeconomic, cultural and the political systems. A visit to Bhutan, one of the top tourist destinations, promises lifelong inimitable experiences to the visitors. We, Pathway to Bhutan Travel Agent take immense pleasure in helping you unfold the rare experiences the last Shangri-La has to offer.

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